Sunday, 31 August 2014

Channel 20 News Reports

News Scoop.

The Room 20 news crew have been lucky enough to get interviews with Rongokako,
some villagers living at PakiPaki and even the Chief and his beautiful daughter  Hinerakau.
Check out some of the students blogs to learn more. Or click on one of the links below.

Bryn and Leilani

Shannon and Lily

Josiah and Ben

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Production Preview 1

This is a very, very tiny taste of what to expect from our Nga Rakau Nui production beginning next week. 9 classes of enthusiastic children ready to stun you with their brilliance.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Nga Rakau Nui Production

As part of the Nui production Room 20, 11 and some students from room 5 have been working hard on our chosen Legend, The legend of Rongokako ( How Te Mata Peak was formed).

Click on the links to get a taste of this story
IMG legend john tessa jacob ashlee from Stephen ford on Vimeo.

Myths and legends

Room 20 have been studying Myths and Legends.

A Myth is a story created by people to explain the world around them. Cultures from all around the world have their own stories which help to explain questions such as : Why the Sky is Blue or Why the Sea is Salty or even Why the Kiwi can't fly.

Myths often have magical beings, gods, where good battles evil and also share that cultures beliefs.

A legend is a story often based upon a real event or a real person. Over time these stories have been embelished and the characters may have taken on extraordinary powers.

Over time elements of both Myths and Legends have combined together to create amazing stories which have helped to explain the world around us and events that happened in the past.

We have read an abundance of stories from different cultures which has then inspired us to write our own.

Check out the students blogs to learn things like
How the Hedgehog got its spikes,
Why we have night and day........

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Commonwealth Games Poetry

Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 NZ Athletes

Valerie Adams will hurl the shot put far
because Valerie is our major super star.

Eddie Dawkins  is a speedy rider I am told
He’ll ride his bike on the track and rise for gold.       

Lauren Boyle has a swimming gift
She can swim super swift  

Samantha Charlton plays hockey as best as she can,
and goes for gold with her victory plan. (Ashlee)

Anton Cooper goes for the medals,
he cycles with his fast going pedals. (Ashlee)

Amelia Coleman always has a grin,
and goes pretty far with her awesome gym. (Ashlee)

Samantha Charlton has a really great grin
when she gets gold its a victory win.(Georgia)

Georgia Williams cycling so fast
when she zooms around the corner no one sees her go past.(Georgia)

Mackenzie Slee doing flips on a bar
so neat and tidy she goes really far.(Georgia)

Pita Ahiki Plays rugby 7s for the NZ team
He is as fast as a lighting beam. (Johnny)

Lynda Bennett plays lawn bowls and she goes
and scores a lot of goals. (Johnny)                                                    

Pita ahki plays rugby sevens  for us
he is as strong as a speeding bus (JJ)

Valerie Adam’s shot put will zoom like a car
if you look up it will look like a star.

Samantha Charlton has a great big grin
when steals the gold she says I win.

Amelia Coleman has a really good face
when she runs she has a very great pace.

Mark Spooner is the weightlifting king
He is a huge bee sting.[BHRT]

Marc Ryan speeds around passing people one by one
He is fast as a meteor when he hears the starter's gun.[BHRT]

Wrestler Marcus Carney is pretty strong
Maybe a precious cousin of King Kong (Marcus)

Marcus Child howls out LOL
As the hockey ball flies into the goal (Marcus)

Dylan Dunlop-Barrett swims like a seal
he has already become a big deal (Marcus)

Gillies Kaka plays 7s  he always runs straight.

because his number is number eight. (Jacob)



Katrina Grant will shoot and win by far
Because she’s a netball star. (Janine)

Sarah Cowley leaps so high
She will touch the sky. (Janine)

Rose Keddell will hit the puck
and win by her luck  (shannon)

Samantha Lee will swim in her race
and she will never lose her pace  (shannon)

Michelle Chan hits the shuttlecock hard out,
When she plays badminton she will win no doubt. (malena)

Cody Cole heaves weights all day long,
all that hard work has made him really strong.(malena)

Dylan Dunlop Barrett is a swimmer and he goes really far.                                  
He swims so fast then he becomes a shining star.(Zayne)

Steve Edwards plays hockey to win the game,
He plays so hard to get the fame.(Zayne)

Akira Loane plays rugby to score for the try,
So his team will win apple pie.(Zayne)

Simon Child Dribbles left and right
ready to play with all his might.  (Brock)

Sam Webster cycles down the lane
does`t even have any pain. (Brock)

Simon Child runs left and right
He gives players a big fright  (Ollie)

Shay Neal is a blasting man

he gets so hot he need a fan (Ollie)

Alex Shaw is the best goalie

no one can shoot a goal but he’s slow  (Ollie)

Pita Ahki plays rugby sevens,
he can kick high to the heavens (Tyrone)

Phil burrows is a lethal weapon,
he can be used as armageddon(Tyrone)

Zane Robinson runs 5000 metres  

he runs as fast as a herd of cheaters (Paige)

Pita Ahki plays midfield
he is a man who tackles to win the shield (Quinn)

Paul Coll plays squash he love getting goes
and he like to wash has clothes (Quinn)

Pieter Bulling does cycling and get gold
and he gets cold (Quinn)

Nick willis is a lion  when he runs
but he never gives up and he has fun. (Ben)

David Light loves boxing  he wants to come 1st
but if he doesn't he will burst into tears. (Ben)

Eddie Dawkins is a zooming rider I have been told  
he will ride his bike on the track, he will go for gold. (Ben)       

Gemma Flynn is a hockey fan
Using her skills is her plan (Madi)

Katrina Grant is fast to learn
So now she is a Sliverfern (Madi)

Patti Grogan is a judo master
At every match she is even faster (Madi)

Valerie Adams hurls so hard
that she won a super card ( lily)

Lauren Boyle swims to the finish line
now she won trophy number nine ( lily )

Samantha Charlton shots at the goal

then she gets another goal ( lily)

Cody Cole is really great
he can lift a heavy weight (Erin)

When Matt Archibald is on the pedal
He will surely get the gold medal (Josiah)

Pita Ahki on the NZ Rugby sevens team
is faster than a speeding stream (Josiah)  

John Cordue is great at table tennis
He really is not a menace (Josiah)

Valerie Adams throws so high
that when the ball left she said bye (Tessa)

Samantha Charlton yells out lol
as the ball skids between the sticks and lies against the goal (Tessa)

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Some Subtraction Strategies

Here are 6 subtraction strategies we have been looking at in Room 20.
See if you can use them.
1/ Subtracting through tens    
63- 3= 60 -4= 56

2/ Place Value strategy  
63-17= ?
Always keep the first number whole split the number up that is being subtracted.
So   63- 10= 53       53 -3= 50        50- 4= 46
So 17 has been split into parts  10+3+4
(Students often go 60-10=50 and 3-7=4 so they think answer is 54
That is why it is important to keep the first number whole)

3/ Numberline strategy (Reversing)  

*adding instead of subtracting
63 -17=?   First turn problem into an addition equation
So 17 + ?= 63
           +3                                         +40                                  +3
17          20                                                               60       63
Use the numberline to jump along from 17 up to 63
So 17 +3=20       20 +40=60       60+3=63 3 +40+3= 46

4/ Smart Numbers   63-17=?  Round the 17 to 20 to make it easier to subtract.
63- 20= 43.   Because I have taken off 3 more than I needed to I add it back to the answer so  43+ 3= 46

*These next two strategies are more advanced strategies as they are very dependent on students having an excellent number knowledge. They need to be able to understand what they are doing when they are using these otherwise they can just cause confusion.

5/ Equal addition  Adding to both numbers
63-17=?   Moving the numbers to easier to calculate numbers but keeping the difference between them the same is another strategy.
These equations all have the same answer
63-17 = 64-18 = 65-19 =66-20=?
Which is easier to work out?  66-20=46

6/ Negative numbers

* This strategy needs a good understanding of negative numbers
60-10=50 and 3-7= -4   so 50 -5 = 46

43- 27= ?

40-20=20 and 3-7= -4       so 20-4=16